Quality control

All products of Steklomir LLP pass strict quality control. Both internal quality control and direct on-site quality control are carried out with the use of instruments. StekloMir LLP can provide a quality inspection service with these devices at any site. 

Instruments for internal quality control:

GASP LSD is a polarimeter for measuring the surface tension of tempered glass. The device allows you to determine in a non-destructible way which glass is tested - normal (in the state of delivery), heat-strengthened, hardened. Without this device, in ord
The MERLIN TGi Tempered Glass Indicator is a quick and easy way to tell if you really have tempered glass in front of you. In this case, indications on only one side of the glass are sufficient for analysis. The device allows you to check the glass in sin
BO 61 648 05 detector for determining "Low-E" coverage. This instrument allows you to determine the "Low-E" side of the coating when tempering glass and installing glass in laminated glass units.

Instruments for internal quality control:

Tensiometer (Roman scale). It is intended for testing H-samples to evaluate the curing behavior of the sealant. This allows silicone users to test the quality of sealant curing and adhesion on inexpensive equipment.

KLIN grindometer - determining the degree of "grinding" (dispersion of the composition). It is used for quality control of component B of two-component sealants.

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All our products are certified according to safety and quality requirements, as well as manufactured in accordance with GOSTs valid in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


StekloMir not only sells glass but also delivers it successfully and safely all over Kazakhstan. Glass, insulating glass units, as well as products manufactured by the company, are delivered to cities such as Nur-Sultan (Astana), Pavlodar CONTACT US