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Bonus program

General-purpose glass

General-purpose glass with special properties


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does the bonus program work?
  • What are points and how do I use them?

  • The customer requests to register in the client area on the official website (You can also submit an application to the manager at the place of cooperation with the company).
  • Bonus points are awarded based on the number of m2 ordered with the company.
  • The first threshold for earning bonus points 1000m2
  • The bonus program includes two gradations of points:
    • For each 1m2 of glass in the general purpose glassware, the customer is awarded 10 points.
    • The client receives 20 points for each 1m2 of glass in the general purpose glassware with special properties.
  • Bonus points are deducted in the company offset with the next order or at the request of the client accumulate in a personal account.
  • The validity period of bonus points is 1 year from the date of execution of documents.
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