Body-tinted glass

Enameled glass (stemalite, cellulose dope) - tempered glass with a colored coating of baked ceramic paint on one side.

Stemalite belongs to the class of safe glass, is used for interior and exterior cladding of buildings. The enamel burned into the glass surface after the hardening process becomes part of the glass and cannot be removed even by mechanical action with metal objects.
When used in the facade glazing, the stemalite color coating hides from view elements of the building's bearing structures while creating the appearance of an all-glass facade.

In interior decoration, stemalite can be used for wall cladding, installation of partitions, in the production of all-glass doors, furniture, shop equipment, etc., provided that the structures are not installed so that light passes through them, as this material loses its appeal when exposed to sunlight or artificial show through. Another type of glass is used to make structures with a translucent or artificial show-through.

Technical capabilities of production:

  • flat enameled glass
  • curved enameled glass
  • thickness of processed glass 4-25 mm.
  • minimum length of the glass 5,200 mm.
  • maximum glass width 2,600 mm.
  • varying the thickness of the enamel: as a continuous layer (colored glass) and uncoated (to create an etched glass effect)

Stemalite can be used in insulating glass units, as part of laminated glass, and as a material for single glazing in various products.

We produce enameled glass in over 120 colors. 

German FERRO paints are used to decorate sheet glass, which allows you to get samples of colors corresponding to the RAL-K7 scale.

Body-tinted glass
Body-tinted glass
Body-tinted glass
Body-tinted glass

Production capabilities

Maximum size:
2600 х 5200 мм

Minimum size:
200 х 300 мм

Glass thickness:
4-25 мм

Benefits of Body-tinted glass

Increased resistance to temperature and mechanical stress Increased resistance to temperature and mechanical stress
Durability in various climatic conditions Durability in various climatic conditions

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