Simple and energy-saving insulating glass units

StekloMir manufactures insulating glass units of all types and configurations. From simple general construction to the most complex architectural, various shapes and sizes. The company has six production lines for the assembly of insulating glass units made by Lisec and Bystronic, equipped with automatic robots for vertical sealing. We produce insulating glass units with thickness up to 100 mm, the maximum size up to 3,210 mm*6,000 mm, and weighing up to 2,500 tons. We also produce structural glazing with the ledge (tooth) 1 side up to 150 mm, 2,3,4 sides up to 1,000 mm. Production capacity allows to produce up to 6,000 pieces of glass per day.

An insulating glass unit is a unique construction made of glass and additional materials designed to glaze window openings and building facades during construction. The primary purpose of insulating glass unit is to provide thermal and acoustic insulation in the building, as well as giving a unique object due to the different characteristics of the glass from which the insulating glass is made, as well as various design of the insulating glass units. Glass is a very durable material that does not lose its qualities and appearance under intensive exposure to environmental conditions. 

Insulating glass units are used as part of translucent structures in the glazing of residential, public, various architectural buildings and structures.

Different types of glass can be used in the manufacture of glass, in addition to the usual transparent colorless glass, affecting its functionality:

Body-tinted glass is heat-absorbing glass, reducing the penetration of sunlight into the room.

Solar-protective glass is glass with a coating of oxides of various metals on one side to reflect sunlight and reduce the penetration of UV radiation.

Energy-saving glass is glass with a special coating on one side with the property to reflect long-wave thermal radiation (infrared). Sputtering can be hard or soft, depending on the method of sputtering and the metals used in the sputtering. The most effective and modern is considered a smooth, low-emission coating with one or two silver ions layers. Insulating glass units with such glass will help to keep heat in the room during the cold season and save on heating, and vice versa, during the warm season to prevent the penetration of excessive heat from the street inside the room and save on air conditioning.

Multifunctional glass is a modern new type of glass that combines energy-saving and solar protection glass properties. Depending on the kind of sputtering and the number and composition, multifunctional glass has a wide range of colors and different heat and energy efficiency. It can meet the requirements for the functionality of a particular building or facility.

Depending on project requirements, laminated glass (triplex), fire-resistant glass, bent (curved) glass, painted glass (stemalite) may also be used as part of the glass unit. Again, any glass in the insulating glass unit can undergo additional processing (hardening, heat-strengthening, polishing edges, drilling holes, technical cutouts, etc.).

Simple and energy-saving insulating glass units
Simple and energy-saving insulating glass units
Simple and energy-saving insulating glass units
Simple and energy-saving insulating glass units
Simple and energy-saving insulating glass units
Simple and energy-saving insulating glass units

Production capabilities

Maximum size:
3210 x 6000 mm (flat)
2800 x 2500 mm (curved)

Minimum size:
200 x 300 mm

Glass thickness:
4-19 mm (tempered)
4-12 mm (heat-strengthened)

Insulating glass units from StekloMir

Architectural of any complexity Architectural of any complexity
Multifunctional Multifunctional
Solar-protective Solar-protective
Energy-saving Energy-saving
Bent (curved) Bent (curved)
General construction General construction

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