About company

Today, StekloMir LLP is one of the Republic of Kazakhstan's largest enterprises on the volume of processing and sales of glass, production, and insulating glass units, glass, and mirror interior items. We provide services related to glass cutting, processing, tempering, and painting.


SterloMir has a large fleet of equipment for the production of a wide range of glass products: 

  • Six automatic lines (Bystronic, LISEC) with sealing robots for the production of insulating glass units (maximum size 3210 mm.*6000 mm, thickness up to 100 mm, with the possibility of manufacturing insulating glass units with indents (steps) on four sides: 1 side up to 150 mm, 2,3,4 sides up to 1000 mm);
  • Six glass cutting lines (LISEC, HEGLA, Intermac) with automatic glass loaders (maximum size 3210 mm.*6000 mm.);
  • Three tempering glass  lines (North Glass) with milling (bending) and tempering function (maximum size 3210 mm.*6000 mm, milling - 2500 mm.*2800 mm.);
  • Two glass (enamel) painting lines (Rollmac) of maximum size 2600 mm.*5200 mm;
  • Two ovens for the production of laminated glass (triplex) the maximum size of 2500 mm.*4800 mm;
  • Eight machining centers (Brembana, Bystronic, Intermac, Busetti, Bottero) for the processing of glass edges, drilling holes, and technological cutouts (maximum size 3300 mm.*6000 mm);
  • equipment for installing decorative glazing beads (glazing bars) and pressure valves in insulating glass units, and other equipment for glass processing.


Opening of new branches and development of existing ones in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Creation of a network of production branches equipped with a full set of necessary modern equipment in each regional center of Kazakhstan.


Quality, speed of production and innovation.

We can safely call ourselves


Leading positions in Kazakhstan
Developed network of branches
Professional innovative equipment

Our Projects

We can be proud of the results of our work. The list of facilities in which we have been directly involved include: in the city of Nur-Sultan (Astana) - Business Center "Moscow," tennis court, "Vodno-Zeleny" Boulevard, "French" quarter, "Azure" quarter, Hilton Hotel; in Almaty - Dostyk Plaza, Eurasia shopping mall; in Shymkent - Rixos Hotel; in Pavlodar - the building of JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan," tennis court "Energetic," House of Friendship, Palace of Schoolchildren, sports and recreation complex "Bayantau, interior glazing of the shopping and entertainment center "Batyr Mall," Civil Registry Office "Ak Otau," new building of the hotel "Irtysh," shopping center "Manakbai Bazaar," shopping center "Stary Gorod". And this is not the whole track record of the company "StekloMir.
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All our products are certified according to safety and quality requirements, as well as manufactured in accordance with GOSTs valid in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


StekloMir not only sells glass but also delivers it successfully and safely all over Kazakhstan. Glass, insulating glass units, as well as products manufactured by the company, are delivered to cities such as Nur-Sultan (Astana), Pavlodar CONTACT US